Amadeus Technologies adheres to the policies governing Protected Health Information or PHI. This includes but is not limited to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of patient information, ensuring that all transmissions of data are authorized utilizing a secure infrastructure and protecting business records and data from improper access. Amadeus Technologies is committed to remaining in the forefront of HIPAA compliance.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 mandates significant changes in the legal and regulatory environments governing the provision of health benefits, the delivery and payment of healthcare services, and the security and confidentiality of individually identifiable, protected health information (PHI) that is electronically transmitted or maintained.

While, HIPAA does not address medical transcription or medical transcriptionists directly, it does, however, state that any business or individual who provides services to an entity (hospital, clinic, etc.) will be deemed to be a 'Business Associate' for HIPAA purposes if they access PHI during the course of their work. Business Associates must take steps, and document those steps, to secure and keep confidential the PHI while it is in their custody.

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